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Workers’ Compensation Billing Collections

As a professional medical practice, you provide services that maintain and improve your patient’s health and wellness. You shouldn’t have to deal with collecting, in fact, this is the last thing you should be concerned with. It’s a burden and can be very frustrating, for any medical office.

Did you know the average medical practice has over $143,000.00 in outstanding workers’ compensation claims? Without experienced representatives and tenacious litigators on your side, it is difficult to secure the return on aged claims. At Vast Collections Group, our experienced team of professionals works through every stage of the claims process to alleviate your cash flow issues and provide you with maximum returns.

Our Process for Collecting

   Our collection experts will:  

  • Negotiate maximum settlements – using the Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS) including Penalties and Interest when applicable.
  • File all necessary lien documents through EAMS.
  • Represent you at all Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board locations statewide using experienced courtroom negotiators.

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